Curated For You

Olfactory NYC is an evolution in modern fragrance. Our scents are curated by the world's top perfumers using the highest quality natural and sustainable ingredients found in the finest luxury brands, but ours are a fraction of the price. We don’t waste your time with designer logos, celebrity faces or complex packaging that ends up in the trash. Our complete focus is on the scent itself— the stuff you actually wear.

Captivated By You

We know the typical fragrance-buying experience can be terrible: confusing ingredients, pretentious surroundings and serious-sounding scents. Fragrance should be fun, exciting and personal. Like our home city, our fragrances are created to be colorful, vibrant and constantly moving. Whether it’s the sweet, soft Lulu with its youthful notes of orris and tonka bean, or Jayden's smooth sandalwood notes that invoke the warm glow of the city night, every Olfactory NYC fragrance is bottled fresh in our studio.

Created With You

The Collection begins with nine beautifully designed unisex fragrances. But we realize that no fragrance is complete without its final ingredient: you. That’s why we offer you the option to customize our Collection fragrances by blending specially chosen accords and emphasizing certain emotions inherent within the scent to create a final blend that is unique to you.

Ready to experience it for yourself in our Olfactory NYC Scent Studio?

If you can, we recommend making an appointment for your visit. You can make one here!