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How to Make Your Own Fragrance with Olfactory

At Olfactory NYC, our custom scent process is a true masterpiece that combines artistry and science; and is easy for any fragrance-lover to complete, whether you're new or a scent connoisseur. We take pride in our custom approach, which begins with a deep respect for the industry's finest perfumers. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we've chosen to collaborate with these maestros to curate a selection of core scents. These core scents serve as the building blocks of your fragrance journey, each one a testament to the genius of master perfumers.

But the magic doesn't stop there. We empower you to infuse these scents with your personal touch, using our range of scent accords. It's a collaborative process that results in a fragrance that is uniquely yours, a scent that tells your story, and a sensory experience that's unparalleled. Discover the art and science behind creating your own perfume fragrance at Olfactory NYC.