What's In Your Bottle? Our Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we thought we'd showcase how we source some of our most popular natural raw materials. Partnering with Firmenich, a local fine fragrance supplier in NYC, Olfactory NYC is committed to sustainable sourcing. We also utilize special designed molecules where sourcing of natural ingredients cannot be done in a sustainable or vegan-friendly way (like musk!). Take a look at the sourcing of seven of our natural oils below.


1. Patchouli

The patchouli used in our fragrances is sourced in Indonesia as part of a sustainable supply chain. Indonesia's farmers receive agricultural training and a fair price mechanism that guarantees their ability to continue to grow and profit from patchouli.

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2. Musk

Our musk is a specially designed, vegan molecule. As natural musk is traditionally sourced from an animal (the musk deer), its collection often involves unnecessary animal cruelty and intervention. We opted for a more ethical, sustainable, and renewable musk variety.

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3. Jasmine

The production of our jasmine oil is cultivated through a partnership with 800+ local farmers growing jasmine in Tamil Nadu, India. Through this collaboration, the farmers are ensured improved standards of living. 

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4. Madagascar Vanilla

Our natural vanilla is sourced from local small-hold farmers in Madagascar. Our partners work with thousands of farmers in 40 villages, supporting their livelihoods and traditional methods by maintaining a traceable value chain.

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5. Violet Leaf

The violet leaf extract used in our scents is sourced from northern Egypt, where local farmers and their unique agricultural techniques are supported and upheld. Their intercropping model, which incorporates violet leaves grown alongside date and corn trees, ensures optimal violet leaf growth.

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6. Vetiver

Our natural vetiver is cultivated through a partnership with Agri-Supply Co. in Debouchette, Haiti. Haiti's farmers use their polished methods to grow vetiver, while also being offered educational and medical facilities for their personal use.

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7. Rose

One of the most coveted natural raw materials, our rose oil is sourced from France, where local farmers are keeping the methods of traditional and sustainable rose cultivation alive.  

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