The Depth of the Rose Note

It’s that time of year again! Stores are draped in reds and pinks, cupids are donning department store windows, and everyone is racing to get the most romantic dinner reservation for this special day. Jewelry, chocolates, and roses are always classic gifts to give to your sweetheart on valentine’s day, so why not spice it up and give your love a rose scented fragrance instead?

I know you might be thinking that you couldn’t possibly give your boyfriend or husband a rose scented fragrance for Valentine’s day, it’s much too girly. But that is where you’re wrong!

Rose notes in fragrances are incredibly versatile! Here at Olfactory we utilize many different types of rose notes in order to develop complex blends. You can even see an example of the different ways in which you can take a rose note in our core fragrances Ryan and Reed.

Ryan plays on the freshness of a floral scent by pairing Bulgarian Rose with notes of Ivy Greens. Giving your lover a bottle of Ryan would be like gifting them the opportunity to wear that bouquet of roses you were going to pick up for them from the farmers market. The note of Bulgarian Rose in Ryan is going to bring a comforting familiarity to the recipient. It’s evocative of those honeymoon-phase flowers exchanged in the early days of dating.

Reed gives the wearer a mysterious and sultry energy. Pairing a classic rose note with the earthy and unique fragrance notes of Sage and Patchouli, you’ll be turning heads in every room you enter. Reed is an enigma, bringing a wave of familiarity that you just can’t place. Intriguing those around you to ask just what fragrance you’re wearing.

These fragrances are complex and intricate on their own but at Olfactory NYC we specialize in offering you the opportunity to customize your fragrance. During the customization of Reed and Ryan you can experience the true versatility of rose as a fragrance note. Want something deeper and smoky with your rose note? Add our accord of Cedarwood and Incense to our core fragrance Ryan. Maybe you want a more earthy and herbal fragrance experience, adding our accord of Clearwood and Sage to Reed will enhance its earthy energy to the next level.

Rose notes aren’t confined to traditionally feminine and delicate perfumes! Here we will work with you to capture your fragrance visions and take that rose note in any direction you desire.