Summer In a Bottle

We all know this summer is already unlike any other we've experienced. Although we've been daydreaming about long beach days and wearing our swimsuits again, there is another way to escape while you #StayHome. Meet our 'summer in a bottle' scents: two Olfactory NYC favorites that if you spritz and close your eyes, you're juuuust about in the midst of that ideal summer you've been dreaming of all year.



Notes: lemon, bergamot, white tea

Ashton is akin to the scent of warm skin and the feeling of spending the whole day in the sun. A burst of lemon and bergamot provides a citrusy mood booster.  

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Notes: coconut, gardenia, lotus flower 

Blake is a walk on the beach with coconut water in hand - tropical, sweet, and subtly floral. 

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What are your favorite scents of summer? Tell us in the comments!