Stop and Smell the Roses (and Gardenia.. and Jasmine)!

Happy spring! It’s pretty hard not to think of florals when spring comes around, so we’re not fighting it (#FlowerPower, right?). 




What it’s made of: Bulgarian rose. Produced and cultivated for centuries, Bulgarian rose (Rosa damascaena) oil is considered the highest quality rose oil in perfumery. Even today, Bulgarian roses are hand-picked and put through a meticulous extraction process to uphold their incomparable reputation. We’ve also included notes of ivy greens to add a raw freshness and round out Ryan's floral strength. 

How to customize: Add our Geranium & Hydrangea accord. Geranium boosts out the rose notes, while hydrangea uplifts. 

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What it’s made of: Tahitian tiare flower and lotus flower. A type of gardenia, tiare lends a creamy, irresistible element to Blake. Lotus flower boosts out the sweetness of the tiare. Both florals are paired with smooth coconut for an extra dose of the tropics.

How to customize: Add our Cedarwood & Incense accord for a bit of depth. 

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What it’s made of: Indian jasmine, French jasmine, tuberose. While the jasmine petals add richness, tuberose provides a layer of sweetness that keeps Taylor light and playful. And a relaxing bonus: the scent of jasmine has also been found to have a calming effect on the brain.

How to customize: Add our Jasmine, Lily, & Freesia accord for a delicate white floral bouquet.

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