Olfactory NYC Holiday Gift Guide

Ah, the nostalgia of the holiday season. Maybe you recall endless hours in front of the stove, cuddling up to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade, or spending quality time at your relatives’ homes. Whichever recollection is your favorite, how amazing is it that with each memory, there’s typically a scent linked to it? Scent is our one sense that has an immediate and direct link to memory, which makes it the perfect gift this (and every!) holiday season. You’re basically giving the gift of memories, and what’s better than that? Check out our unforgettable gift options below, and thank us later. 


Gift Bottle

First up is our one-of-a-kind gift bottle. We can all agree that buying a fragrance for someone else is nearly impossible (it’s hard enough to choose one for ourselves, right?) We offer a gift bottle for this very conundrum - an empty bottle that the recipient can bring into our Scent Studio to fill up with their own custom scent; no catch! You can even stamp their name on the label to make it extra personalized.


Explorer Box

Next we’ve got our Explorer Box, a sampling of 9 core scents that act as ‘bases’ for custom scents. This box is perfect for that person on your list who likes to have options, and especially for those who want to get sniffing immediately!


Travel Trio

For the girl or guy on the go, our Travel Trio is a scent-tacular companion. This trio includes three travel sized spray or rollerball scents of your choice - perfect for wearing alone and sporting a new scent everyday, or even layering on top of each other. 


Last but not least, consider our candles! Poured in-house with soy wax, our candles brighten up any space. The best part - their labels are customizable! Learn more about our candles here.


Keep your eyes peeled for some more goodies we’ve got planned for next month... and happy shopping!