Let's Get Candid About Candles.

Maybe you light one for aesthetics, to freshen up the space, or to accompany a solid self-care ritual (as you should!). Now that it's #CozySeason, we thought we'd clear the air about our candles


With fragrance, it's common to fall in love with a scent - and then wish you could have it everywhere. That's why we designed many of our candles based on our core fragrances! New Bae encompasses the delicate jasmine notes in the Taylor, Hot Fire heats up cedar and sandalwood notes found in the Jayden, Cookie contains sweet vanilla and hazelnut found in the Riley, and Bad Bougie burns bright with Leo's fig and suede notes. 

Ever purchase a candle to find that it's nearly halfway gone only a few weeks later? To prevent this, we use a soy blend wax: soy burns slowly to maximize the length of your candle's life. Additionally, because our blend doesn't contain beeswax (another popular candle wax), our candles are suitable for our vegan buyers!

We've saved the absolute best for last. Say goodbye to the same old names like 'Vanilla Cupcake' and 'Autumn Leaves' - all of our candle labels are customizable! Especially perfect for gifts, you can add that final personal touch to any of our candles. 

How would you personalize your candle label? Let us know in the comments!