Playset FAQ

Not sure what a Playset is or how to use it? We set the record straight below.

What is in a Playset?

Although Playsets have been a part of our product family for a while, we’ve recently just updated their formula. Our Playsets are now formulated with safflower oil as the base - this minimizes evaporation over time making for a longer-lasting, more natural product (plus some lovely moisturization as an added bonus!).

Great! But what is actually in a Playset?

Each Playset box is filled with three accords (an accord is a blend of a few fragrance notes, like lemon + tea or jasmine + cedarwood). These accords are designed to be layered on top of your favorite Olfactory NYC core fragrance, ultimately creating a custom blend. 

Is a Playset right for me?

Do you love fragrance (we assume: check), want a custom blend but are unsure of exactly which one, and need options in your life? Then, yes! Or maybe you’ve got a custom blend already and are looking for another - that works, too. We think that mixing and matching scents at home is wonderful, and we wanted to give you the autonomy to do so. After all, fragrance is supposed to be fun -- not serious. 

I’ve got a Playset, but how do I use it? 

Check out our nifty how-to below:


1. Begin by spraying your favorite Olfactory NYC core fragrance on your wrist.




2. Choose an accord to layer on top! The accords are labeled on the back of each Playset box.



3. Add a few drops (or more!) on top of the core fragrance that you sprayed on your wrist. You may need to gently pat the oil to initiate the drying process. 



Voila! A custom blend made entirely by you, for you. Shop our Playsets here