Forecasting the Hottest Fragrance Trends for 2024

Welcome to 2024! As we kick off the new year, let's peek into the fragrance trends set to make waves. Social media, particularly TikTok, played a significant role in last year's perfumery resurgence, with the #PerfumeTikTok hashtag amassing over a billion views. Join the trend and follow us on TikTok for a scent-filled journey.

In 2023, vanilla stole the spotlight, getting edgier when mixed with black pepper, oud, or amber. Cherry notes also had their moment, especially in scents crafted for memorable date nights.

At Olfactory NYC, our custom scent process lets you create your ideal fragrance for 2024. No frills, just a chance to make a scent that suits you perfectly

Aromatherapy Notes for Self-Care

Indulge in a self-care day with calming aromatherapy notes such as lavender, white tea, and sage. Try scents like Ashton and Reed, featuring accords such as lavender and black peppercorn, sage, and clear wood, or smokey mate tea and verbena. Transport yourself to a spa retreat!


Your Skin, Perfected

For those days when subtlety is key, embrace the trend of "skin scents" that offer a delicate everyday fragrance. Our core scent, Lulu, is a soft, powdery blend with iris, musk, and orris notes, providing a confidence-boosting aroma.

Unisex Elegance

At Olfactory NYC, all our scents are unisex because if it smells good on you, it's meant for you. Say goodbye to traditional gender labels; read more about breaking the gendered fragrance myth in our blog.

Ready to create your signature scent for 2024? Make a reservation or start the online process now. Craft a fragrance that's uniquely you with Olfactory NYC.