Finding the Perfect Home for Your New Custom Scent

Did you visit one of our locations or create your custom scent remotely? Crafting your unique fragrance is a personalized experience, tailored to match your individuality. We bottle each fragrance on-site to ensure freshness and longevity. Fragrances can last up to three years if stored properly.  How can you guarantee your perfume's lifespan?

While perfume bottles often grace online vanities or find a spot in bathrooms for convenient use, these locations may harm your fragrance. Sunlight and high humidity in areas like bathrooms can oxidize delicate notes, such as citruses and florals, causing color shifts and altering the scent. Heat exposure may also break down fragrance oils, affecting longevity.

At Olfactory NYC, we store our fragrances in a fridge to regulate freshness, but this may not be feasible for everyone. We recommend keeping fragrances in their original packaging, away from direct sunlight, in a dark and cool area like drawers, dressers, or closets.

Explore our at-home customization process for a new addition to your collection. Planning a visit to New York City? Make it extra special with an in-store customization reservation!

red, purple, gree, peach perfume bottles being held