Exploring Nature's Fragrance: A Guide to the Flowers At Olfactory NYC

As spring blossoms at Olfactory NYC, our shelves are adorned with various fragrances inspired by the season's vibrant blooms. Each scent is meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients to provide a sensory experience that captures the essence of spring.

At Olfactory NYC, we celebrate the beauty of floral notes in a modern way. We are a genderless fragrance company that believes in the idea that if a scent smells good on you, it is meant for you. Our collection offers a diverse range of floral scents, from deep and musky to sweet and fresh, there is something for everyone!

Magnolia, originating from Asia and the Americas, is a timeless floral scent that emits a subtle yet distinct aroma reminiscent of citrus and sweet vanilla. Paired with orange blossom in our perfumes, Magnolia is perfect for creating a fruity floral perfume with our core scent Dylan that truly embodies the essence of spring.

dylan fragrance bottle with green stripe on label 

Jasmine, offered in both Indian and French varieties at Olfactory NYC, is paired with hibiscus to create our core scent, Taylor. Indian Jasmine, also known as Jasmine Sambac, is rich and earthy with a potent projection, while French Jasmine is sweeter and softer. Try adding our smokey mate tea and verbena accord for an uplifting, clean, fresh fragrance.

taylor fragrance bottle and box with purple details

 Hydrangea, a member of the classic green floral family, exudes a dewy and fresh aroma that is perfect for spring. Adding a touch of Hydrangea to your fragrances infuses them with a subtle airy scent. Try our Hydrangea accord with our core scent Ryan for a classic floral fragrance that captures the essence of spring beautifully.

ryan fragrance bottle with orange stripe on label

 Rose, reigns supreme in the floral fragrance realm, but did you know there's a whole bouquet of rose varieties to explore? For example, for our core scent Reed, we've opted for a sultrier, musky rose, while Ryan's is much more dewy and lush. For instance, Reed,we incorporate a richer, muskier rose compared to the fresher, dewy rose found in Ryan's blend. Additionally, we have an accord featuring rose wardia, oud, pears, and raspberries, resulting in a deeper, more refined scent profile. Many of our clients find this scent to be reminiscent of a vineyard!

Florals are a prominent note in any springtime perfume and it's time to level up your scent game! Whether you make a trip to one of our scent studios for a bespoke perfume session or prefer to dive into the customization process from the comfort of your home, your springtime fragrance awaits!