Discovering Fruit Accords: Ideal Fragrances for Spring and Summer

As the warmer weather approaches, there's no better time to indulge in the scents of spring and summer. With so many fragrance notes out there, fruit accords stand out for their vibrant, refreshing, and uplifting qualities. The possibilities are endless, depending on what you blend them with! Try combining them with a delicate rose note for a sophisticated date night fragrance, or mix them with another fruity scent for a refreshing aquatic vibe. Fruit accords are the perfect choice for the warmer season, so don't hesitate to incorporate them into your scent wardrobe.

What is an Accord?

An accord, in the world of perfumery, also known as an added note, is what makes a fragrance in a different direction. At Olfactory NYC, we offer added notes as accords through our at-home and in-store processes. Think of an accord as a boosted note! Fruit accords, part of the fruity fragrance family, add a burst of freshness, sweetness, and vibrancy to any fragrance. They are perfect for the warmer weather due to their uplifting and clean scent!

Lychee, also known as Litchi, is a common fruit found in Asia. Addictive and vibrant, lychee adds a fruity, sweet aquatic note. Its sweet, floral scent transports you to tropical destinations. Lychee infuses the fragrance with a sense of luxury and sophistication but has a fun, flirty side at the same time. Lychee is found in our core scent, Dylan.


Peach is a tart, juicy, lively addition to any scent. It can be classified as a gourmand for its edible quality. Its playful and inviting scent brings warmth to fragrances, leaving a lasting impression. Our peach is paired with nectarine and apricot to bring a delectable juicy scent to any fragrance. Try it with Riley for the ultimate gourmand fragrance.

We are excited to share our brand-new accord for the spring and summer season! Introducing our cherry, pear pulp, and vetiver accord. A burst of lush cherry entwines with crisp pear pulp, creating perfectly balanced fruit notes that settle into a velvety haze of toasty vanilla and vetiver. It is best paired with Riley and Dylan to add a gourmand edible touch! Want to smell it for yourself? Head to our reservations page here to schedule your own scent consultation at any of our Scent studios!