Crafting Love in a Bottle: The Perfect Valentine's Date

Love is in the air! Valentine's Day is the ideal time to express the significance of your loved ones and celebrate their uniqueness. It's a moment to go the extra mile for your partner, a day when love rightfully takes center stage. What better way to celebrate the love of your life than with an extraordinary gift – a fragrance crafted just for them?

If you're in or around New York City/Boston during Valentine's Day, we highly recommend visiting one of our three scent studios in NYC—Nolita, West Village, and Williamsburg. In Boston, we have two locations, our Boston popup and our new permanent store on Newbury St. 

Our in-store customization appointments offer a fun, intimate, and interactive experience. You and your partner will explore nine core scents and three seasonal options, selecting your favorite as the foundation for your final perfume. From fruity florals to dark and mysterious ouds, we have options for everyone. After choosing your base, head to our scent bar, where a personal scent-ologist will guide you through nine variations based on your preferences.

Once you've narrowed down your top 4 combinations, we'll test them on your skin to see which one complements your chemistry the best. The final step involves choosing a label color and name for your fragrance.

couple getting fragrance dropped on them

 For a Valentine's Day touch, consider names like your anniversary date:"Est. (the year you met)," a significant place or city, each other's names, your favorite song, or today's date. Make your reservation [here](reservation link).

If you're not near any of our scent studios, don’t worry! Our remote process covers you, starting with the Explorer Box, our sample kit featuring nine core fragrances. Once you choose your favorite, we'll send you the Tinker Box, including six sample sizes of your core and an added note. Similar to the in-store process, you'll be able to name your fragrance and choose a label color. Start your online process here

Opting for the remote process is ideal for those who may be indecisive and need extra time to choose their signature scent. The at-home kits are perfect for a cozy date night, paired with wine and cheese on the couch in the comfort of your new home!

at home kit, green bottle ribbon 

Whether you choose the in-person or at-home kits, you're not just creating a unique signature scent; you're creating a lasting memory. Scent is intimately tied to memory, and every spritz of your new perfume will remind you of each other—a perfect expression of love beyond words.