Cozy Season Is Officially Here

Ah, autumn - perhaps one of the few instances this year where we'll actually want to hangout inside. As the weather cools down, your scent preferences will likely naturally change, but we've got you covered. Check out our fav fall offerings below!


Hey Punkin! Candle

When you think of elements of fall, you think of pumpkin - but what about ginger, cardamom, and tonka bean? When they're all swirled together with soy wax, the result is purely addictive. Hey Punkin! is the perfect balance between that textbook autumn pumpkin scent and the down-to-earth nature of added spices. It's sure to add some happy vibes to your space.

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Hunter Fragrance

Arguably one of our most popular scents, Hunter is a year round classic. Buuuut... it definitely hits us differently in the fall. That's because its filled with a blend of raw vanilla bean, grounding cedarwood, and soft ambrette, ingredients that mingle perfectly with cool, crisp air. We've heard that once you start spritzing Hunter everyday, it's hard to stop. 

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As If Candle

Did you know figs are in season in the fall? Our As If candle bursts with them, as well as amber, berries, and sandalwood. If you're looking for a fresher scent to burn in your space (that doesn't scream 'summer' too loudly), this is the candle for you.

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Riley Fragrance


Last but certainly not least, our Riley fragrance is the epitome of sweet and comforting: vanilla, sandalwood, and nutty hazelnut are the stars of the show. It's the type of warm, skin-soft scent that basically begs you to curl up in front of the fireplace with your fav book. 

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Happy autumn and stay cozy!