Beyond the Basics: Why Our Customized Fragrances Outshine Conventional Gift Sets

As the holidays approach, you'll encounter numerous fragrance gift sets, often featuring typical and widely used perfumes. These generic scents lack individuality and may not stand out. Navigating the fragrance market can be overwhelming.

Consider our in-store and at-home options if you desire a more personalized and unique perfume gift set. Look no further for a special gift that matches the recipient's uniqueness.

Discover genuinely unique gifts with Olfactory NYC's customizable options:

  • In-Studio Gift BottleThe bottle is empty for now; when they bring it into our Scent Studio, we will fill it with their custom scent!
  • In-Studio Gift Set: includes empty bottles for the recipient to bring to our  Scent Studio to create a full-size custom perfume, custom body wash, custom body lotion, and a custom home diffuser. 
  • At-Home Customization Experience This gift includes step 1 (the Explorer Box) and a gift card to cover the rest of the process. No sending boxes back and forth; the at-home experience lets you build a custom scent through our simple and fun 3 step process.

What sets us apart? Personalization. Your gift recipient can choose the base scent, added notes, label color, and fragrance name for a truly individualized experience. Unlike other companies with pre-made perfumes, we ensure your recipient receives a fragrance that resonates with them.

What makes us stand out in the industry? We bottle fresh. Whether in-store or remotely, our scentlogist bottles your fragrance on the spot, ensuring the longevity of the scent. Other perfumes often sit in warehouses for up to a year, leading to a quicker expiration of the aroma.

Show the people you love the most how much you care and adore them by gifting them a one-of-a-kind experience and a new signature scent!