Step 2

Next Step: Get Tinkering

Create Your Own Fragrance with the Tinkerer Box

Step 2 of your fragrance journey with Olfactory NYC is all about unleashing your inner perfumer. Say hello to the Tinkerer Box – your key to exploring the art of scent creation. With this remarkable box, you get to dive deeper into your fragrance adventure by experimenting with six custom variations of the scent you fell in love with from the Explorer Box.

How to Use the Tinkerer Box To Create Your Own Scent:

1. Discover the Notes: The Tinkerer Box provides you with the canvas for your olfactory masterpiece. Begin by trying out the variations, using the handy guide on the back of your box to review the perfume notes in each custom blend. It's like a fragrant palette waiting for your creative touch.

2. Seamless Customization: To further customize your fragrance, simply scan the QR code on the box, which will take you to our custom scent page. Here, you can fine-tune your selection, ensuring that your scent perfectly aligns with your unique preferences.

Take your fragrance to the next level by choosing a name and color for your bottle. This step adds a personal touch, making your fragrance truly one-of-a-kind. And just like that, your custom scent is expertly blended and bottled fresh, ready to captivate and inspire.

With the Tinkerer Box, you're not just a fragrance enthusiast; you're a fragrance creator. Dive into the world of perfume artistry, explore the nuances of your favorite scents, and customize a perfume that speaks to your individuality. Olfactory NYC empowers you to become the master of your scent destiny. Order your Tinkerer Box now and embark on your fragrant journey of self-expression and creativity.

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