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With customized scents, Olfactory welcomes the curious to explore the world of Fragrance.


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In-Store Custom Process

Both in-store and at-home, our custom scent process is designed to be engaging and interactive. Instead of building a scent from scratch (and thinking we can do better than the experts!), we work with the best perfumers to provide our core scents which we use as bases. Then, our accords are specially designed as additions to build and create. We think of it as harnessing the genius of master perfumers while adding your own personal touch.

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In-Store Process

Step 1: Explore

Explore our 9 core fragrances (developed by the world's top perfumers!) by spritzing them on a scent blotter. Choose your favorite—this will be the base scent of your custom perfume!

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Frequently Ask Questions

In-Store Process

How much does it cost? $85 per custom scent!

How long does the custom scent process take? 20-45 minutes for one scent. Add 15 minutes for each additional scent.

How do I gift the custom scent process? Gift bottle


Learn more about our process

Online Custom Process

Customize a perfume from the comfort of home with our three-step intuitive online process. Our aim is to help you experiment from afar as you start your scent journey with us. The remote process is designed to be sample-oriented (no silly quiz). No sending samples back, use the credits on you box for the next step

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Online Process

Step 1: Explore

Discover our 9 core unisex scents included in the Explorer Box. Choose your favorite—this will be the base scent of your custom perfume! Use the $18 credit provided with your Explorer Box to proceed to step 2.

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Frequently Ask Questions

At-Home Process

How much does it cost? $85 per custom scent!

How long does the custom scent process take? 3-4 weeks (it's 3+ separate deliveries - but you get all those samples).

How do I gift the custom scent process? Explorer Box & Gift Card.



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Customize your scent further with a Playset. Spray your perfume, then layer drops from a Playset on top to create entirely new smells. Playsets are a set of fragrance accords specially formulated to complement one of the 9 corresponding Olfactory NYC core fragrances. If you know what notes you like, you can design your own kit!

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Custom Home Diffuser

Accessorize your Custom Scent

Can't get enough of your custom fragrance? Make your scent in a Custom Home Diffuser!

Scent Custom Diffusers

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Can’t find the blend you made in the past? Send us a note.

If you’re trying to find a scent, please share all the details you can. Examples: Your scent name, the date and name of the event at which you created a fragrance, even who you came with.



Learn More About Olfactory NYC

Welcome to Olfactory NYC, where we're on a mission to demystify the world of fragrances and make the art of crafting custom scents accessible to everyone. We believe that the allure of a signature scent shouldn't be limited to the elite or the wealthy; it should be an enjoyable and affordable experience for all.

At Olfactory NYC, we've revolutionized the fragrance creation process. Whether you're a seasoned fragrance connoisseur or someone taking their first step into the world of scents, we've got you covered. Our approach is all about simplicity, affordability, and personalization.

In-Store Magic and Online Convenience

For an enchanting in-person experience, visit one of our diverse locations scattered throughout NYC. It's perfect for a romantic date night or a classic New York City adventure. Immerse yourself in the world of scents with the guidance of our experts.

Prefer the comfort of your own home? No problem. We've made it incredibly easy to customize your fragrance online. Our three-step intuitive process is designed to be user-friendly and sample-oriented, eliminating the need for pesky quizzes or sample returns. Your scent journey starts with us, no matter where you are in the US.

The Olfactory NYC Difference

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality. We don't reinvent the wheel; instead, we collaborate with the industry's top perfumers to curate a selection of core scents, which serve as the foundation for your fragrance adventure. These core scents represent the genius of master perfumers, and you get to infuse them with your personal touch.

At Olfactory NYC, we empower you to tell your own Olfactory story. From our in-store experiences to our convenient online platform and the endless possibilities with our Playsets, we've made custom fragrance creation accessible to everyone. No exorbitant prices, no elitist exclusivity—just the joy of crafting a scent that's truly yours.

Join us on this fragrant journey, where your unique scent awaits. Experience the magic of Olfactory NYC today, and redefine your relationship with fragrance.

Check out our Custom Fragrance Process to begin building your scent.

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