New Season, New ...


Here at Olfactory NYC, we hope you know by now that we specialize in custom fragrance. We do this by utilizing a collection of fragrance ‘accords’ (an accord is a blend of a few fragrance notes). To customize our core (or ‘base’) fragrances, we add a variation of fragrance accords to them to enhance certain notes in the core fragrance, or conversely, infuse an entirely new note. This process is how your custom scent is created! 

As scent-obsessed mixologists, we’re always looking for new ways to incorporate even more variety to our offerings. We've heard your recent requests for new accord options (like lavender and coffee) - and we listened. Check out our four new customization options below!


Lavender/Patchouli/Black Pepper 

Attributes: Calming, earthy

Try adding it to: Lulu, Ashton, Max

Lavender’s health benefits are expansive, and its inclusion in a fragrance provides a calming, balancing effect. Paired with earthy patchouli and spicy black pepper, this accord will add a relaxed twist to your custom blend. 


Attributes: Soft, addictive 

Try adding it to: Hunter, Blake, Riley

With fresh lavender, sweet coconut, and skin-soft musk, this accord embodies that final touch of softness that your blend is craving! 


Coffee/Cocoa/Whipped Cream

Attributes: Rich, cozy

Try adding it to: Riley, Hunter, Jayden

Let’s be honest… who doesn’t love the smell of coffee? If you’re looking to boost your scent (and your brain - studies show that even just smelling coffee has the ability to wake us up!) try our coffee, cocoa, and whipped cream accord. Its cozy richness is also an amazing way to add some warmth to your daily routine during the upcoming winter season.



Attributes: Aromatic, unique

Try adding it to: Ashton, Reed, Cam

So you’re the type of person who is looking for something really different. We admire that! Our tomato, basil, and grapefruit accord does the trick. These three powerhouses come together to produce a scent so freshly aromatic, you won’t be able to stop sniffing. 


For now, these accords are exclusively in-store, so come to our Scent Studio and check them out!