The Fragrance of a Mastermind

Summer is coming to a close, and although we're unsure exactly what this summer has been, we are sure about one thing: Cam.

The perfect antidote to your end-of-summer blues, Cam is an aquatic, earthy green, unisex scent. Notes of fig, santal, violet leaf and elemi spices combine for an invigorating and seductive blend.


Cam was designed by master perfumer Frank Voelkl, the nose behind cult favorite scents like Le Labo Santal 33 and Glossier You. 



Frank's earliest years in rural Germany moved him to scent - fresh rain and barnyard hay first piqued his olfactive curiosity. Today, one of his favorite places to travel is to French Polynesia; its intoxicating air is bursting with the colors and scents of nature in its purest form, refreshing his creative energies.


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