Summer Scent: The Science of Season

 Written by: Isabel Finston

School’s out; sneakers traded for sandals, sunscreen is on, scent’s spritzed—wait, what’s that? Your favorite fragrance smells differently than it did in December! Like clothing, seasonal climate shifts affect our fragrance tastes—you might want to change the amount you spritz, discover a new scent, or reapply often!


Summer Scent Sillage:

The volatility (rate of evaporation) of certain fragrant compounds increases in heat, which can cause fragrances to smell stronger. Live in a drier climate? This effect will be more obvious to you! Notice how the richer, deeper qualities in scents pop—if you prefer lighter, fresher scents, you’ll likely want to increase your spritz! Citrus aspects are especially volatile and tend to dissipate more quickly in heat. Love decadent gourmand scents and want to explore a softer style? Discover Riley, a skin-like sensation featuring notes of addictive hazelnut, smooth sandalwood, creamy vanilla, and gentle musk.

Sweat and Scent-Slippage 

Heat and humidity increase sweat production—sweat impacts skin chemistry and causes fragrances to slip and slide! To help prevent your fragrance from disappearing, cleanse with a hydrating body wash in a matching scent before applying!

You’ll likely want to reapply your fragrance more often. Consider spritzing your clothes and behind your knees—they tend to be less affected by sweat!

The Humidity Paradox 

Depending on your fragrance and humidity level, it might evaporate quicker or more slowly. The volatility of scents varies individually and depending on the environment—have no fear; while formulating fragrances, perfumers account for the smell being worn in different environments! Humid environments tend to emphasize brighter, fresher scents! Spray away and watch those citrusy, fruity, and herbaceous notes bloom!


Fragrance Refresh

Looking to energize your fragrance rotation for summer? Consider storing fragrances in the fridge—it’ll give your spritzes and sprays a cooling and quenching effect! Similarly, leaning into lighter, fresher, sheerer scents can provide an olfactive refresh. Wanting to find a special summer spritz? Visit one of our scent studios, and our scentologists will help you discover your favorite new fragrance!