Stars Align in a Bottle: Custom Perfumes for Aquarians

Welcome to Aquarius Season! Celebrated for their independent and trendsetting spirit, Aquarians stand out as the visionaries of the zodiac.

As a rare fixed air sign, their unconventional and bold nature sets them apart. At Olfactory NYC, we've crafted the ideal Aquarius-themed scent, perfectly tailored to capture the essence of their eccentric yet elegant personality.

Aquarians, being the rare gems of the zodiac, often lean towards niche and unique scents that match their individuality. They deserve a fragrance as extraordinary as they are, and we recommend our core fragrance, Cam. Developed by Frank Voelkl, the mastermind behind the iconic Santal 33, Cam intertwines the earthy green freshness of violet leaves, the sweetness of fig, and the warm embrace of sandalwood. This blend lays the foundation for your personalized Aquarius-inspired fragrance.

blue bottle ribbon with beakers

To enhance this fragrance, we suggest incorporating our tomato leaf, rhubarb, and basil accord. The burst of freshness from the tomato leaf adds a green nuance to the fragrance. Rhubarb introduces a zesty and invigorating note, reflecting Aquarians' spontaneous and unpredictable energy. The basil note brings a herbal touch, symbolizing Aquarians' harmonious balance of intellect and intuition. Tomato accords are also poised to become one of the most trending fragrance notes this year!

cam teal botttle

While this is our top recommendation, we encourage you to craft a scent that resonates with your perception of Aquarius.

For those in or around New York City/Boston, our scent studios offers an immersive, in-person experience. If distance is a challenge, we offer our remote process, starting with the Explorer Box, which empowers you to create your signature scent from the comfort of your home.

Embark on your cosmic fragrance journey here or start the process remotely here.