Scented Mixology: Introducing our ‘Speakeasy Collection’ Inspired by the Hottest Cocktails

We've curated a range of scents inspired by the trendiest cocktails, infusing each fragrance with the essence of mixology. Whether it's the sultry notes of a Manhattan or the refreshing fruitiness of a lemon drop, each scent weaves a narrative of sophistication and celebration.

Introducing our Signature Scents

Lemon Drop:

Experience the essence of summer with our lemon drop-inspired fragrance. It captures the refreshing aroma of freshly squeezed lemons, blending citrus vibrancy, floral elegance, and warm sophistication. The blend features notes of smokey mate tea, adding an intriguing depth, complemented by the crisp freshness of verbena. Delicate floral tones of iris weave through the fragrance, enhancing its elegance, while the comforting embrace of cashmere provides a soft and luxurious finish. Perfect for those who are active, outgoing, and warm.

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Expresso Martini:

Experience luxury with "Espresso Martini," a fragrance that transports you to the indulgent pleasure of sipping a meticulously crafted coffee cocktail. Madagascar Vanilla and hazelnut create a sweet base, while sandalwood adds warmth. The core unveils a bold coffee essence intertwined with delightful hints of mocha. Creamy undertones conclude the journey with a velvety finish, offering a decadent and luxurious experience. It's perfect for individuals who enjoy sophistication, jazz, and vibrant nightlife. The charming and charismatic, "Espresso Martini" embodies elegance in a bottle.

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Indulge in the vibrant and tangy allure of a Cosmopolitan with our perfect fragrance companion! Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of tart blackcurrant, earthy patchouli, and the soft elegance of iris and cashmere. This fragrance exudes sophistication with a flirtatious twist, tailored for trendsetters who value independence while embracing their innate femininity. It's the ideal scent for those who effortlessly balance bold individuality with a touch of refined allure.

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Unveiling our most potent and captivating fragrance, our rendition of the Manhattan is a sophisticated blend inspired by the iconic cocktail. With soft and earthy notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk, complemented by the robust and intoxicating aromas of cognac, suede, and oud, this fragrance embodies a perfect balance. Crafted for the confident and charismatic individual who seeks an air of mystery, it's an ideal choice for evening affairs in the refined ambiance of a metropolitan setting. Immerse yourself in the alluring blend of warm, woody elements and captivating spirits.

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Elevate your confidence for a night out with a fragrance that mirrors your favorite cocktail. Explore these new scents, available both online and in-store, to enhance your evening experience.