Fragrance Science: How Smells Affect Our Brain & Mood

When you're customizing your scent at Olfactory NYC you tend to be reminded of unique memories in your past that you'd never thought you'd ever smell again. The sense of smell is something very vital in the physiological effects related to mood, stress and working ability.

Electrophysiological investigations have indicated that certain smells have an effect on spontaneous brain processes and cognitive functioning. So, you might be thinking, what smells will put me in a certain mood? In this Scent Class, we will discuss which fragrances will cause 4 specific feelings.

Mood: Happiness
Best Core - ASHTON (bergamot, lemon, white tea)
These scents are widely thought to be the most joyful scents that are mostly associated with positive feelings that are mood-lifting and energy-boosting.
● Orange
● Grapefruit
● Lemon
● Bergamot

Mood: Calm
Best Core - RILEY (vanilla, hazelnut, sandalwood)
These scents will provide a soothing impact without making you're thinking hazy or foggy. These may help for those who are stressed, anxious, or even depressed.
       ● Lavender
       ● Vanilla
       ● Jasmine

Mood: Mysterious
Best Core - JAYDEN (sandalwood, cedarwood)
These scents create a kind of mysterious aura that inspires curiosity and fascination when smelled.
       ● Oud
       ● Vetiver
       ● Cedarwood
       ● Musks

Mood: Romantic
Best Core - REED (rose, sage, patchouli)
So, which senses are likely to hurl the heart into the depths of love and romance? These are some of the distinct scents that will get you in your love element.
        ● Patchouli
        ● Sandalwood
        ● Rose
        ● Amber
        ● Black Currant

Smells in your daily activities affect your mood and productivity. Smelling things that are delightful can make you feel better, more driven, and more content. An important thing to remember is: As you go about your day, the fact that you smell good will have a beneficial impact not just on your life, but also on the lives of everyone who comes into contact with you.