Fragrance 101: What is a Perfume Accord?

Welcome to the second installment of Scent School! Today we’re diving deeper into the art of perfumery by exploring the different parts that make up your favorite fragrances.


The Basics

In perfumery, a "note" refers to an individual ingredient or single scent found in a fragrance. Some popular examples include vanilla, vetiver, grapefruit, sandalwood, jasmine, and musk--the list goes on! While individual fragrance notes are lovely on their own, the real  beauty of fragrance emerges when you combine them together.

Accords: The Broad Strokes

An accord is simply a blend of multiple fragrance notes! Master perfumers artfully blend fragrance notes together to create new, complex scents. These "accords" represent a facet or characteristic of the fragrance. Think of a note as one paint color--the artist uses different combinations and application methods to create a stunning, cohesive painting, or in this case, fragrance masterpiece!

Customize with Accords at Olfactory NYC

Our customization process was created to help you explore the art of perfumery without having to start from scratch using individual notes--something that would overwhelm even our most experienced scentologists! Instead, the process begins with our core fragrances, which were masterfully designed by some of the world's top perfumers. By adding accords, you incorporate your own personal touch, allowing you to harness the perfumer's art while creating something unique!

Olfactory NYC's accords are designed to take our core fragrances in an infinite number of directions. Whether you'd like to enhance the fragrance's first impression, amplify the heart of the fragrance, intensify the fragrance's dry down, or add an entirely new dimension to the fragrance, our accords have something for everyone! 

Meet Our Newest Accord!

This week, we're introducing a brand new accord! This blend of peach, nectarine, and apricot adds a touch of crisp sweetness for a fresh, vibrant, and delectable effect--no vanilla necessary. Try it with our core scents Lulu, Ashton, Taylor, or Reed!

Start Customizing

Ready to experiment with our custom scent process? Join us in-studio to explore our collection of core fragrances and custom accords, or customize from the comfort of your home