Decoding Your Personality Through Perfume

Have you visited one of our scent studios or created your custom scent online? If so, you've likely received a scent card with every order, revealing your fragrance personality. Fragrances serve as aromatic signatures that uniquely reflect and communicate aspects of our personalities.

Curious about what your perfume says about you? Let's explore!

Aquatic and Fresh:

Opting for core scents like Ashton or Dylan reveals a free-spirited nature. Ashton, a clean and beachy fragrance, suits those down-to-earth individuals, while Dylan, with its freshness and subtle sweetness from lychee notes, appeals to the flirty, bold, and lively.

ashton blue label bottle


If you lean towards florals, core scents like Taylor, Ryan, Blake, or Reed may be your go-to choices. Floral enthusiasts embody outgoing and grounded qualities, drawn to scents evoking nature's essence. For instance, Ryan offers a fresh, youthful vibe, Reed presents a spicier, darker allure, perfect for those who are adventurous and spiritual. While Taylor is unapologetically romantic and flirty.

reed blotter being sniffed


If the aroma of baked goods and vanilla captivates you, our signature fragrance Riley is your dream. Riley's hazelnut, Madagascar vanilla, and sandalwood notes attract those seeking warmth, friendliness, and a hint of sensuality.

orange bottle being held up by a hand


Enthusiasts of woodier fragrances favor core scents Jayden and Hunter. Jayden, with sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk, suits laid-back individuals with undeniable charm. Hunter, boasting vanilla, ambrette, and cedarwood, reflects ambition and striking allure, making it a perfect choice for memorable date nights.

hunter bottle, red being held up by red and purple background


If nature-inspired scents appeal to you, our core fragrance Cam, with fig, violet leaves, and sandalwood, is likely your pick. Attracting natural-born leaders, Cam exudes calmness, authenticity, and thoughtfulness, and is the ultimate “cool girl/guy fragrance”.

cam teal bottle on white background
Customize your scent further to match your personality by scheduling a custom scent reservation or exploring our mood set here. Elevate your fragrance experience to embody your unique essence.