Customize Your Fragrance at Home!

If you're familiar with Olfactory NYC, you know that typically most of our fragrance customization occurs in-person at our NYC Scent Studio. However, because this year has been unlike any other, creating a fragrance in person (or doing really anything in person, for that matter) hasn't always been possible. So if you're yearning to create your own scent yet would rather do it from the comfort of your couch--read on. 


Step One: Explorer Box 

This is your very first step! The Explorer Box includes 9 of our core fragrances ('core' means that these are our original, fully finished fragrances integral to our brand. You can purchase one of these scents as is--they're great that way!--or you can choose to customize one of them, which is what we'll discuss below). All of our fragrances are unisex, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. The Explorer Box gives you a good sampling of floral, fresh, woody/earthy, and sweet scents. You'll choose your favorite scent to customize. 



Remember that if you love one of the scents in the box, but think it leans too masculine/feminine for your tastes, you can always pull it in a different direction through Step 2. The Explorer Box comes with an $18 credit toward Step 2 as well!


Step 2: Tinkerer Box

Once you've chosen your favorite scent from the Explorer Box, your next step is the Tinkerer Box. Let's say you chose Hunter as your favorite fragrance (it's one of our most popular; we don't blame you!). You would then order a Hunter Tinkerer Box using your $18 credit from the Explorer Box! It'll look something like this: 



The Tinkerer Box contains 6 custom samples of your favorite fragrance (Hunter) plus additional notes layered with it to pull it in different directions (so for example, one blend would be Hunter + vanilla & sandalwood, another would be Hunter + fig and cedarwood, and so on). Know that you hate rose but love citrus? Let us know in the notes at checkout so that we know what blends to/to not include in your Tinkerer Box. You also have the option to request for one of your Tinkerer Box blends to be two core fragrances mixed together--so for example, if you also loved our Riley core fragrance, you could request a blend of Hunter + Riley mixed together.

One of the blends from the box will be your very own custom fragrance! The Tinkerer Box also includes a $25 credit to put toward a full size bottle of your favorite blend.


Step 3: Personalize Your Bottle

Once you know which custom blend you love most from the Tinkerer Box, you'll use your $25 credit to order a full size personalized Custom Scent


All you have to do is input your core scent, your favorite accord that was layered on top of it (see the side of your Tinkerer Box for this info!), your preferred label color, and whatever you'd like stamped on the front of the label--up to 9 letters or numbers.

And, voila! Your custom scent will be bottled fresh and shipped to your home, where you can take endless photos of it (trust us, you'll want to).

Start your custom scent journey here