Bottling Fresh: Why Is It Important?

Does it really matter how fresh your bottle of fragrance is? We think so.


If you’re paying for a scent - a physical embodiment of your personality, preferences, and even memories - then you should receive the freshest, highest-quality product possible. 



When you purchase from us, we bottle fresh, label, and package all products in-house. Unfortunately, this can’t be guaranteed with other fragrances on the market - it’s impossible to guess how long a scent was sitting on the shelf before your purchase, especially if the product was purchased online.




The shelf life of a fragrance can last 1.5-5 years depending on factors such as the quantity of natural raw materials in the formula and how the fragrance is stored (in direct sunlight vs. a cool, mostly dark atmosphere - we recommend the latter, and if possible, storing your scent in the fridge is your best bet for maximizing your scent’s lifespan). 


Have any questions about fresh fragrance? Ask us below! 

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