2020 Holiday Gift Box Guide!

It's time for our annual holiday gift guide, and we couldn't be more excited to introduce our new gift boxes this holiday season! There's something for everyone - whether it's your best friend who loves products customized just for her, your partner who can't stop burning candles, or a coworker who definitely needs a care package. Shop our new gifts below!

Stay Safe, Stay Sane Care Package

What's Inside: Two 5oz candles (label personalization available!), a travel body wash, and a Rinse-Free Hand Wash. Choose from floral, fresh, woody, or holiday scents. 

Perfect for: Anyone who needs a relaxing pick-me-up after the type of year 2020 has been (so... everyone). 



Santa's Scent Box

What's Inside: Our bestselling limited edition Mistletoe candle and Cookie candle. You can also personalize the labels!

Perfect for: Candle fiends, lovers of holiday scents, and work-from-homers looking to scent their space. 



Scent Box

What's Inside: A 5oz candle, Rinse-Free Hand Wash, full-size fragrance, and travel body wash. Personalize the labels on the candle and fragrance! Choose from floral, fresh, woody, or holiday scents. 

Perfect for: A true fragrance-lover who enjoys variety (or that one person on your list who you struggle buying for every year)!



Scent Pouch

What's Inside: A travel body wash, travel body lotion, and 10ml spray fragrance. 

Perfect for: That friend who's always on-the-go, or a scented self-care aficionado. 



Shop all of our gift offerings here, and have a Happy Holidays!