At-Home Customization Experience

At-Home Customization Experience

Looking to bring the joy of fragrance to a friend or loved one’s life? Gift our at-home custom scent process! This gift includes Step 1 (our Explorer Box!) +  a gift card to cover the remainder of the process.

How does it work?

Step 1: The recipient delves into our 'explorer box' - a box containing samples of our core fragrances. 

Step 2: The recipient will use the gift card to order a 'tinkerer box' of custom blended samples of their favorite core scent + additional fragrance notes. 

Step 3: The recipient will order a full size bottle personalized with their name using the remainder of their gift card balance and a discount code included in the box! 

No sending boxes back to us, they get to keep all the samples. 

Is the recipient based in New York? Check out our 'Gift Bottle' and gift the in-store experience!

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