Your Tinkerer Box

Congratulations on getting your hands on your Tinkerer Box! 

The Tinkerer Box is the second step in your custom scent journey. Your box contains 2 samples of your favorite core scent you chose, plus 6 variations of your core scent blended with different accords (fragrance notes) that pull it in various customized directions. One of these 6 variations will be your custom scent!

If you're ready for the final step, choose your favorite custom blend from the Tinkerer Box and use the discount code* on your box at checkout when you order your full size custom scent

Note: The variations are blends of your core scent with an accord, therefore they don't need to be blended again with the core scent. The core scent in your box is just a reference point.

*Your tinkerer box code is valid for online orders, cannot be used in our stores


Recommended Accords by Scent: