What is Olfactory NYC?

Olfactory NYC is a new concept in modern fine fragrance. We work with the world's top perfumers to eliminate the guesswork behind personal fragrance creation by allowing you - the one wearing the scent - to decide how it should smell. Learn more about our philosophy here


Where are you located?

Our studio is located on 281 Mott St., New York, NY 10012. 


How do I create a custom fragrance?

When you visit our studio, you'll smell our selection of core fragrances and choose your favorites. Based on your preferences, our Scent Mixologists will guide you through the process of adding a variety of different fragrance accords to each core scent until you discover your perfect blend. As we freshly bottle your custom scent, you'll choose your fragrance's label color and whatever name you'd like stamped on the front!


Do I need an appointment to create a custom scent? 

If you know when you'll be visiting, we highly recommend making an appointment.


How do I prepare for creating my custom scent?  

We recommend coming into the studio with a clean slate - avoid wearing personal fragrance before your visit, especially on the arms and wrists.


Do I have to create a custom fragrance, or can I purchase your fragrances as-is? 

Customization of our fragrances is not required - all of our core fragrances are fully finished blends, designed to be worn alone, and available for purchase here.


What other products do you offer? 

In addition to fragrance, we offer body wash, body lotion, rinse-free hand wash, and soy-blend candles in many of the same scents as our core fragrances. View our whole collection here.


What are the prices and sizes of the fragrances you offer? 

- 50ml core fragrance: $55 (scent purchased as-is, without customization)

- 50ml custom fragrance: $85

- 10ml core travel spray: $20

- 10ml custom travel spray (online only): $30


What is the cost of label customization? 

Label customization is free and offered on the 50ml fragrances as well as on our candles. 


Does it cost the same to create a custom scent online vs. in store? 

Yes! It costs $85 to create a custom scent both in our store and online.

When creating online, the process is split into three steps. 

Step 1 - Explorer Box$18, ships free, and includes an $18 credit toward step two. 

Step 2 - Tinkerer Box: $7 (after applying your $18 credit), ships free, and includes a $25 credit toward step three. 

Step 3 - Full Size Custom Scent: $60 (after applying your $25 credit).

Altogether, the 3 steps cost $85, which is also the cost of the in-store custom scent experience.


I care about what I put on my skin and how my product was produced. Are your fragrances safe, cruelty-free, or vegan?

Olfactory NYC is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny International. All of our products are vegan (except our candles, which are primarily soy but also contain beeswax), phthalate-free, and paraben-free. Our fragrance oils are sustainably sourced and contain ingredients certified safe by IFRA - learn more.


Are any of your scents unisex?

Yes! All of our scents are unisex; we believe scent is not gendered and anyone should be able to enjoy whichever scents they like. Some scents do skew more traditionally male and female though, so if you have any questions we're happy to assist.


Do you offer free samples of your fragrances?

Currently we do not offer free samples of our fragrances. We do however have sample boxes available for purchase here


I want to gift a custom fragrance - what should I buy?

If the recipient is creating at home: gift the Explorer Box + $85 Gift Card, which includes the Explorer Box to start off the custom scent process, plus an $85 gift card to cover the remainder of the process. 

If the recipient is creating in our NYC Scent Studio: gift the Gift Bottle, which is a personalized empty bottle for the recipient to bring to our studio and fill up with their custom scent.

We also offer regular gift cards. See all of our gift options here. 


What is your return policy?

See our return and exchange policy here. 


Is shipping free?

We offer free shipping over $100 and on our sample boxes. See more about our shipping here. 


Can my shipment be delivered outside of the US? 

We currently do not ship outside of the US, but we're working on it!


I'm loving my custom scent and am almost out! How can I reorder it?

To view your previous purchases and re-order, you must have an account created with us. Login to your account (or create your account here) with the same email you used at checkout.

If you're having difficulties finding your custom blend, don't worry! We keep all our formulas on file - click here to find your previous custom blend.


Are you hiring?

If you're interested in joining the Olfactory team, feel free to send along your resume and a short note about yourself to hello@olfactorynyc.com. We'll reach out to you if you're the right fit for any roles we have open!