Unwrapping Joy: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Custom Fragrance Gift

Tis the season! With stores adorned in festive greens, reds, blues, and whites, the race is on to discover the ideal gifts for our loved ones. Amidst the holiday hustle, checking off multiple individuals, each with a unique budget can add a touch of stress to the already overwhelming season.

Here at Olfactory NYC, we can help you find that special and unique gift experiene for anyone in your life, from your mom to your significant other and even coworkers!

Our fragrances cater to all genders, ensuring universal appeal!

If you're searching for the perfect gift for that friend who seemingly has everything, look no further than our top pick, the Gift Bottle


holiday gift set 

The gift bottle acts as our version of a physical gift card. You can choose the label color and name for your gift recipient. The name could be anything underneath nine characters, it can be as simple as their first name or more sentimental as the place you both met! 

Feeling too much pressure to choose a name? Leave it blank and have the recipient customize everything! The gift bottle will cover the whole in-store experience and their new signature scent. 

Want to take your gift to the next level? We offer a NYC In-Studio Custom Gift Set, which will cover a custom body wash, lotion, and home diffuser for the recipient.

gift set holiday with holly

Not visiting NYC anytime soon? No worries! Gift the Olfactory custom scent experience at home. This gift includes step 1 (The Explorer Box) and a gift card to cover the rest of the process.




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